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JackpotCity’s Mobile Roulette – Play All Around Ireland

Roulette is a very refined casino game, but it is still thrilling, making it a perfect match for Irish players. It’s got a very simple structure, but this creates a massive range of potential outcomes, which are irresistibly intriguing.

You can take all of this wherever you go thanks to the superb mobile Roulette games that we offer at JackpotCity. They’re powered by Microgaming, as their online counterparts are, so you can be sure of the best in every way. Get more practice in, develop your skills faster, and have a lot more fun!

Mobile Roulette: The Basics for Beginners

Just as in our online Roulette games, the point of mobile Roulette is to successfully bet on where a ball will end up when it is dropped onto a spinning wheel, when that wheel comes to rest. In real life and in live games, this is performed with a real wheel and a real ball, and in our mobile games it is perfectly reproduced with Random Number Generation and Microgaming’s superb animations and graphics.

There are 36 panels on the Roulette wheel that are coloured alternately in red and black and numbered from 1 to 36, though not arranged in numerical order. There’s also a green panel numbered 0 in all 3 of the French, European and American varieties of the game, and an extra green panel labelled 00 in the American version. This extra panel gives the house more of an edge, which is why we always recommend that beginners start with the other variations before progressing to the America games.

The layout of the mobile Roulette games at JackpotCity is attractive and realistic, with everything shown in a single frame and the buttons and virtual chips displayed along the bottom of the screen. You can move the chips to the appropriate area of the Roulette table, which is marked out with the different bets, which will engage you in the game even more.

Different Bets in Mobile Roulette


There’s a big range of bets available in Roulette, which appeals to the typical Irish player who enjoys a lot of choice. Named for their position on the Roulette table, these are generally known as Outside Bets and Inside Bets.

Outside Bets are Red/Black, Odd/Even and First 18/Second 18 Bets. They are wagers on whether the ball will land in a red or black panel, in a panel with an odd or even number, or in a panel numbered from 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 respectively. There’s an almost 50% chance that you’ll win, making them much easier than inside bets. Just as beginners should start with European or French games, they should also start with Outside Bets. As you get more confident, you can place multiple Outside Bets and then move on to Inside Bets.

Inside Bets are far more specific, and range from betting on the ball landing within a selection of numbers to saying exactly which panel the ball will end up in. As you get more particular, your odds go up but so do your potential payouts. Roulette is at its heart a game with high risks and high rewards.

Great Mobile Roulette for Every Player


Our mobile Roulette games work perfectly on every smartphone, tablet and operating system, including iPhones, iPads and Android options. You can choose what to use, whether to play for free or real money, and whether to download our free app or play Roulette directly through your web browser. Every player gets to enjoy superb mobile Roulette with JackpotCity, no matter what their preferences are.