JackpotCity offers Ireland’s Online Blackjack

Irish players have always loved the game of Blackjack. Because it blends chance and skill together it is one of the most complex casino games around, and players in the Emerald Isle relish the challenges that it poses.

Now you can play online too, and the premier destination to do that in Ireland is, of course, with us at JackpotCity. Not only do you get the convenience of playing whenever you want and never having to deal with crowds, we also give you the option of free play in our Practice mode.

Practicing for free gives you the chance to get familiar with our many different Blackjack games, try out different strategies and tactics without risk, and generally develop your skills and confidence in a low-pressure environment. Then when you’re ready you can play for some of the best payouts Ireland has seen!

The Essentials of How Blackjack Works

Blackjack was first played hundreds of years ago, and when a game has been as popular for as long as this one has, it’s almost inevitable that different variations develop. There are plenty to choose from at JackpotCity, and we hope our Irish players take the time to explore them all. The basics of each game are the same, and we’ve explained them here to start beginning players off in the right way.

The objective in Blackjack is to get a hand total of 21, or as close to that as you can without going any higher. Royal cards are worth 10, number cards are worth their number value and aces are worth 1 or 11, depending on what is best for the specific hand. A hand of a royal card and an ace is the ultimate dream – this is known as Blackjack and wins immediately.

Besides working to hit 21, you also need to beat the dealer’s hand. If no one gets Blackjack, when the hands are revealed at the end of a round you win if your total is below 21 and the dealer’s is above, or if both totals are below 21 but yours is higher. The coveted Blackjack hand pays out an incredible 3:2; winning with other hands gets you a 1:1 payout.

In case you haven’t yet concluded this for yourself, you are going against the dealer at all times. You can play multi player games or play with multiple hands, which brings in different odds and things to consider. To start every round, you need to place your bet. You will then get 2 cards, which you’ll be able to see of course, and so will every other player and the dealer. You’ll also be able to see one of the dealer’s cards. Using this information, you need to decide what to do:

The dealer must Hit and Stand on specific hand totals, and in some games Peeking for Blackjack also occurs. This means that the face-down card of the dealer is checked if the face-up card is one half of a pair that would make Blackjack – an ace or face card. If the hand is Blackjack, the round is ended before you have the chance to bet more money which you will then lose.

Practice Blackjack to Perfect Your Game


Blackjack’s rules are simple, but as anyone who has played it can tell you, it gets more complex as you understand it more. It’s a thrilling journey, and as you get better you’ll also get more rewarded. Enjoy our superb variations of the game, produced by Microgaming and, in the case of our live games by Evolution Gaming, see if you’ve got what it takes to get a hand of 21!