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Online Roulette Adventures with JackpotCity

Roulette is often called the King of Casino games, and it is a firm favourite with many players around Ireland. Since our main objective at JackpotCity is to bring the very best online casino experiences to Irish players, you can be sure that we have all the best versions of this beloved game for you right here.

First played by European nobility in the 18th century, the game then spread to the lower classes and was taken to America by early immigrants. It has been beautifully adapted for online play, especially in the versions that we have at JackpotCity, and has proven to be just as much of a hit on this platform. With no crowds or pressure, a lot of players in Ireland and the rest of the world actually prefer this format.

The Game of Roulette: A Beginner’s Guide

Roulette means “Little Wheel” in French, and a small wheel is indeed at the centre of this game. This is spun, and a ball is dropped onto it. You need to bet on where the ball will end up when the wheel comes to rest, by placing your chips on the appropriate spot of the Roulette table.

In real life all the Roulette equipment is real, of course, and in the live dealer games at JackpotCity and expert dealer operates real equipment for you too. Thanks to Evolution Gaming’s impressive live dealer software, the action is streamed to you just as it happens. In our other Roulette games, Random Number Generation and Microgaming’s superb graphics and animations recreate the action perfectly.

All Roulette wheels have a panel numbered 0 that is coloured in green, and panels numbered 1 to 36 that are alternately coloured in red and black. The numbers don’t go in numerical order, and the sequences differ on French and European Roulette wheels, though this has no impact on the game.

Since you lose if the ball lands in the green panel unless you specifically bet on it, the house has an edge. The third type of Roulette that is commonly seen is American Roulette, so-named because when the game was introduced to the New World, proprietors demanded more of an edge and a second green panel was introduced. This was labelled 00, and is what characterises American Roulette wheels and gives American Roulette games a much higher house edge.

Plenty of different bets can be placed in online Roulette games, but we always suggest starting with European or French Roulette rather than American, because of the lower house edge. It’s also better to stick to the Outside Bets, on the perimeter of the table, at first. These all have a 50-50 chance of paying you out, because you are betting on 1 of 2 outcomes, such as whether the panel the ball lands in will be red or black. As you gain insight and confidence, you can try the more specific punts.

JackpotCity’s Range of Online Roulette


Aside from the live dealer Roulette option, JackpotCity also gives players in Ireland the chance to choose between progressive jackpot, multi-player and multi-wheel games. They come in American, European and French formats, so give yourself time to investigate them all and find your favourites.

Online Roulette is Best at JackpotCity


Besides privacy, convenience and no crowds, our exceptional software will immerse you in the Roulette games at JackpotCity more than at any other online casino in Ireland. The special features, fantastic graphics and expert live dealers make every game stand out, and with the exception of the live dealer games you can also play every Roulette game for free as well as for real money.

Playing free means you don’t have to risk any of your precious gambling funds until you feel totally ready to. Try out different betting strategies in this practice mode, and use the ones that work for you when you play the best online Irish Roulette games with us. Get spinning to start winning!