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Superior Online Blackjack at JackpotCity

When it comes to casino games, Blackjack is a firm favourite. It is an age-old casino game that was first played amongst Europe’s nobility but today, it is a game enjoyed by many and all across the globe.

Variations of the original European Blackjack game have been developed over time, and there are now many options to choose from. Most of which are playable online right here at JackpotCity Casino!

Each of our Blackjack variations available to you has their own unique spin with various challenges and rewards. Slight differences are present amongst them, but the same basic rules apply.

Trying them all out to find your favourite version is only half the fun and adopting the right strategy is your ticket to Blackjack success and great wins.

The Basics of Online Blackjack

European Blackjack has the lowest house edge and the simplest rules so it is recommended that you start off with this version if you are a beginner. Once you know the basics you can begin to explore the other versions and increase your skill.

The aim of Blackjack is to beat the dealer with a hand equal to the value of 21 or as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. Aces can value 1 or 11, the number cards are worth their face value and the face cards are all worth 10.

After you place your bet, you are dealt two cards and the dealer is dealt two cards. The dealer will however only have one card visible while the other card remains face down until it is his turn.

You then decide what to do based on your two cards and the dealer’s visible card. You can choose to hit for another card to be dealt or stand if your hand is close to valuing 21. Remember that going over 21 is going bust and means you have lost.

If you stand, the dealer has his turn. If he does not go bust and stands on a value of 21 or less, both your hand and his are evaluated to see who holds the winning hand.

Rules regarding standing on certain values and what happens in the case of a tie differ from game to game so be sure to know what is appropriate when you play online Blackjack.

Our Online Blackjack Games

No matter which variation of Blackjack you play, it is important to know the basics. It is a game of chance but does rely on skill for successful outcomes which you can learn as you go along. Once you master your skill you will see huge rewards from playing your best strategy, which can only be mastered over time.

We offer you more than 40 variations of Blackjack, all of which have been developed by Microgaming. Microgaming are world-class software developers so you are guaranteed to have the best all-round online Blackjack experience.

Our Blackjack games include Vegas Downtown Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack, High Streak Blackjack and Atlantic City Blackjack amongst others.

Best Blackjack Experience at JackpotCity

When you play online Blackjack at JackpotCity you not only enjoy superior quality but you are guaranteed that the Blackjack games we provide are certified safe and fair to play by eCOGRA.

We comply with strict regulations from the Malta Gaming Authority who we hold a license from. You can develop your Blackjack skills in the most trusted environment when you play at JackpotCity.

Signing up is incredibly easy and we offer great welcome bonuses that will boost your online Blackjack bankroll and give you more to bet with.