Enjoy Online Roulette at JackpotCity

The word Roulette translates from French to mean little wheel, but it is in fact one of the most exciting wheels the world has ever seen. Roulette wheels draw major attention in casinos, as it is one of the most enthralling casino games around.

Having first being played amongst European royalty, the game maintains an air of sophistication, which is seen in our selection of online Roulette games. We offer only the best, all of which have been produced from the industry giant Microgaming.

Microgaming is award winning and known to create masterpieces. Our online Roulette games are evidence of just how sophisticated their software is. You are guaranteed the most exciting virtual experience online Roulette has to offer.

Why Play Roulette at JackpotCity?

As exciting as Roulette is in a real life scenario, it is even better at JackpotCity. You already know that the quality of the game is superior, but you also get the opportunity to play at any time of the day and in your own comfortable environment.

When you play online, you play at your own pace. This allows you to play as much as you want and in a much shorter time frame. This is essentially a great way to see the wins rolling in on games that rely on chance.

Playing online Roulette at JackpotCity means that you have a huge selection of Roulette variations to choose from as we house an impressive variety. You will also never need to wait for an open table and if you are beginner you have access to the free play mode where you can enhance your skill and develop a good strategy before playing with real money.

How to Play Online Roulette


Online Roulette is a game of chance, but there are multiple betting options with varying odds. These varying odds could that mean better winning opportunities.

The basic Roulette wheel that has caused so much excitement over the years is numbered 1 to 36 in alternating red and black pockets and includes one green pocket numbered 0. Variations may differ slightly.

Once you place your bet, a ball is dropped into the spinning wheel and where it lands determines the outcome. If the pocket matches your bet, you win.

The different betting options include single numbers, various number groupings, all odd, all even, all red and all black. Covering more numbers will obviously increase the odds.

Our Online Roulette Games


All of our online Roulette games boast superior quality, and we boast a great range of Roulette variants. No matter what your mood, your level of skill or your personal budget is we have something for you.

We provide European, French and American Roulette as well as multi wheel, multi-player, progressive Roulette and live dealer Roulette.

European and French Roulette offers the simplest rules and the lowest house edge so if you are a beginner we recommend you start here. Once you know the basics you can move on to the other variants that are a little more challenging but just as much fun and rewarding.

Our live dealer Roulette gives you the best of both worlds - a real live dealer in a convenient and comfortable virtual environment. You play via a live video streaming of a real life dealer and a real Roulette wheel. You place your bets online and the dealer then drops the ball into the wheel and determines the outcome once the ball has stopped. This option allows you to interact with others through live chat features and is a fantastic way to enjoy online Roulette.